AgiledayTVM – Recap

Hugo Messer
20 July 17

AgiledayTVM – Recap

Trivandrum witnessed an amazing day for agile enthusiasts at Maurya Rajadhani on July 8, 2017. This hands-on training helped the participants to attain a comprehensive understanding of different agile flavors, user stories, Agile Estimation, Agile Monitoring, continuous testing and agile automation techniques to increase productivity and accelerate growth. Attendees left the workshop with a bunch of new information, something they can take back to their teams or organization to help them grow in their agile practice.

It started off with a keynote from Hugo Messer. The Agile Guru has stolen the show with his special way of presentation. It moved on to Lekha Philip, who gave a short and crisp introduction to frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, XP. We could see people were so neck deep into the session. There were two activity sessions by Taju Joseph. In the first activity session, the attendees were divided into groups and created a product backlog of their selected product. The second activity was to build a township. All were so excited about the activities and proved they all are amazing team players. Anu raj and Saji Xavier gave an interesting walk through of the continuous testing and automation in agile. Tweaking Agile to suit your needs was one of the most awaited topics and Anoop Mohan hasn’t disappointed the audience. Each and every session were show stoppers. Hats off to the speakers and thanks to the smart and knowledgeable participants for making this event, an interactive knowledge sharing platform.

From the opening keynote to the closing sessions, #AgiledayTVM was packed with thought-provoking content and discussions.

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