Jakarta Scrum Crash Course

Hugo Messer
17 November 16

Jakarta Scrum Crash Course

On 11 and 12 November, I did my first scrum training in Jakarta. I wrote an article about ‘scrum outside IT‘ in another blog post this week. To show how the training experience was, I have uploaded some movies and pictures below. We had 12 people in the training. Most of the participants were from IT, but we also had 2 operations/marketing/sales people. The first day was all about the theory of scrum (the roles, events, artifacts). We did some group exercises around all the scrum ‘elements’ (all standing up with a lot of stickies). Then we practiced scrum in a lego simulation (see the video below).

The second day, we did a test exam to see how well participants already knew the theory. The rest of day 2 was spent on ‘applying scrum’. We split up into teams and each team made a snapshot of how they work right now (with or without scrum). Then the teams looked at the gaps between ‘pure scrum’ and what they’re doing now. And made an action plan of how to implement scrum. We also went through all the questions people had gathered in a ‘learning backlog’. We had 2 guests sharing their experiences and answering some of the questions.

The most hilareous moment was the role play done by one of the teams. They made a 10 minute play showing how the different scrum roles play out, with a ‘nasty boss’.

You can also have a quick glimpse at the lego game during the training.