Lean Startup Lessons Meets New Experimentation – Indonesia Scrum Venture

Raisa Mathew
21 November 16

Lean Startup Lessons Meets New Experimentation – Indonesia Scrum Venture


On November 11th-12th was our first scrum training in Jakarta facilitated by CEO, Hugo Messer. This is the background on how the Indonesia scrum venture was born. Let’s have a look into Hugo’s story.

The idea began at the workshop in Amsterdam at the school of life. The facilitator said, “if you want to find out what to do next in your life, just start an experiment, whatever it is. If you plan to be a coach, then just start right away. Invite a couple of friends or colleagues and offer them free coaching. Ask them for feedback, see what you do or don’t like and iterate from there. Change path or keep going.” Does it look like the lean startup model applied to life and to launch a service business?

Product development is definitely complex!

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The context of Hugo’s above statement relates to his experiment setting up the Ekipa marketplace.

Building an MVP > Picking two co-founders (worked as well not worked). In retrospect, it was a wrong move building lot of things in a short span. Though it looked like working smooth, with plenty of feedbacks, a couple of things were overlooked. Making enough progress was not happening, the stuck was how to become a service business Vs a platform.

The intent was to omit “sales” from software service, the roadblock to the expected growth of Hugo’s first born Bridge Global. The company desperately wanted to move to next level and these were the hurdles;

  • Long sales cycles
  • Hard to find good salespeople
  • Delivery quality at a steady pace

However, 600 providers registered at Ekipa marketplace, but the client side revealed and taught us that earning trust, building solid relationships are keys to getting the product “unstuck”! The marketplace is still live and now has joined hands with a business partner who will be working on the sales to get us back on track.

However, last year Hugo took sabbatical and flew to Indonesia (where he fell in love with the adventurous destination), which is the beginning of everything and the idea to launch the marketplace in Indonesia. He has moved with his lovely family to Bali. Any guess on what step he took after moving to Bali in June? Read more