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What training do you need?

We’ve got out of the box training programs you can order and we’ll run the training. Sometimes that works. We prefer to find out what specific challenges you have, so we can create a tailored training.

Consider the trainings below as the ‘building blocks’ or your ‘inspiration’. And then give us a call to discuss.

Scrum crash course

Learn the fundamentals of scrum. In 1 day, you will understand what scrum can do for your team.

  •     Scrum theory: roles, artifacts, events
  •     Exercises to learn how scrum works
  •     Practice scrum with lego simulation
  •     Optional online certification for scrum master

Distributed agile: make your global team work better

In this workshop, your team will work on a ‘distributed team canvas’. What you will get as a result:


  •     Clear insight into the challenges of remote work
  •     Concrete actions to create improvements
  •     Insight into using agile and scrum with distributed teams
  •     Actions to bridge cultural differences

Lean startup and business model innovation

Learn how to use customer feedback as input for your development team. Engage your development team in designing a better business model, getting closer to users. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create Minimum Viable Products to test your hypothesis
  • Create better business models using the business model canvas
  • Motivate your full team to talk to customers
scrum course

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